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Country Radio started broadcasting in 2000 on 88.4FM in Invercargill.

We play a mixture of old and new country music with some oldie easy 
listening songs added to the mix.

On Saturday at 11am and repeated on Sunday at 8pm, we feature the
Country Radio Top 30 With Scotty & Lizzie - taken from the latest 
sales in the USA.

Lizzie starts Sunday off at 7am with The Country Kiddies Show.

Gunsmoke follows at 8.00 with the Goons at 9.00.
Dad's Army at 9.30

On Sunday between 10am and 5pm the oldies show plays all of your
old time country music with the Gospel 2 hour show with Joe from mid-day.

Sunday at 5pm we play the Johnny Cash Show followed by 
Freight Train Boogie Show from 6.00.

An Hour Of Country with Sue Dyson at 7.00pm

Repeat of Top 30 at 8.00pm

At 6am Monday to Saturday Scotty starts with the Breakfast Show.

Tuesdays & Wednesdays from 1pm it's Joybell's turn.

From 1pm on Thursday Kylie is on till 3pm

Thusday night 8.00pm - 10.00pm Brad and Alton play a lively
bluegrass and blues mixture.

Graham is on at 10.00 - 1.00pm Monday - Tuesday 
        and Thursdays

Bev is on 10.00am - 1.00pm Wednesday  

Russell - 12.00 - 3pm &7pm to 9pm Friday and after 1pm on Saturdays
        with Dawn.


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Country Radio Currently Broadcasts on...

105.2 FM Invercargill and 88.1 FM in Gore

Also at 87.7FM in Dunedin.

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Ph 027 249-8259
Studio (03) 217-0426 (inv) studio (03) 926-9716 (dn)

thestudio AT countryradio network DOT com

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