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Joy Adams
Joy Adams from New Zealand

Trevor V Stevens
Trevor is a kiwi singer from Auckland New Zealand.

Paul and Helen Mateki, aka The Matekis
Paul and Helen Mateki from Texas.

Natalie Howard
Natalie Howard from Australia.

Arly Karlsen
Arly Karlsen from Norway

Misc Sites

Association of Community Access Radio Broadcasters.

Radio Automation Software

Yahoo group for discussing various aspects to do with Low Powered FM in NZ.

Listing page for all known LPFM operators in the South Island of NZ.

NZ Government Web Site with rules and regulations to do with LPFM

Veronica Radio
Veronica Radio website for purchasing a radio transmitter.
1 watt PLL is the only one approved for NZ use.

NRG Radio
Another British company that makes Transmitters and sells kits.

Audio streaming software made by Winamp.

The world's best and most widely known MP3 player (Windows Version) (Macintosh version) (Linux Version)

Sqr-Soft Crossfader
Audio Plugin for Winamp. It helps in the change from one song to the next.

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