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Melissa Partridge 2008

Dunedin 14th Dec
Melissa Partridge

Melissa had a fairwell concert on the 14th December in the Coronation Hall Mosgiel
Here is local musician "Wolfman Stuey", Melissa and Geoff after her concert.

Mary Duff Sept 2007

Invercargill 1st
Dunedin 2nd

Mary Duff

Mary singing a single yellow rose.

Mary Duff Mary Duff
Mary Duff Mary Duff

Mary had many stunning costume changes during the show.

Will Miller Will Miller

Will Miller (of Irish Rovers fame)

Kane O'Rourke

Kane O'Rourke (The Happy Tinker)

Mary Duff Mary Duff

Big Linz and Family with Mary (Invercargill)

Mary Duff Mary Duff

Geoff Monica and Mary (Dunedin)

Isla Grant April 2007

Isla Grant

Isla Grant and special guests visited invercargill on April 19th 2007.
She performed to a packed Civic Theatre in Invercargill.
Scotty and Big Linz sneak in the photo.

Isla Grant

And in Auckland on April 14th 2007.
Here is Eddie and his Mum from Auckland.

NZ Chat Comes to Country Radio

Country Radio Network is pleased to host NZ Chat.
We are planning regular quiz nights.
Watch this space!!

Annette's Heart of the Country

7th - 9th January 2005

Annette from Plains FM does it again with the
most popular country music show in the South Island.
She is a great organiser.

Robin Deeter

Robin Deeter from Texas

James RAy

James RAy in action (Auckland) ***

Max Margaret Maureen

Margaret Bates, Maureen Thompson, Max McCauley ***


John Mills from Timaru

Annette in studio

Robin Deeter, Bruce Greaves and Annette from Plains FM in the Studio ***


Bruce Greaves from Auckland with some members of the audience

Tex Morton

Pity Tex couldn't have sung....

A great time was had by all. We hope to see you next year...

*** images courtesy Annette Mehrtens

Arly Karlsen in Christchurch NZ...

5th November 2004
us with Arly Karlsen

Geoff.. Arly's Wife.. Arly.. Alison.. Ron

Wow! Wasn't Arly's show brilliant. If you didn't make it you missed the country music show of the decade.
Arly performed to close to a full house at the St Albans-Shirley Working Mens club in Christchurch.
Arly has a rich and powerful singing voice. I fail to see why he hasn't made the big time with his powerful renditions of country music standard songs.
Arly has promised to return to New Zealand next year. He wants to go fishing in New Zealand.

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