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Geoff is the Owner/Station Manager & Programme Director of
Country Radio Dunedin.

Geoff has a playlist policy of playing at least, one 
"Independant Country Music Artist" 
out of every five songs in his playlists.

From an early age Geoff always wanted to work in radio. After 
leaving school in 1980, he tried unsucessfully to do so.

But with the advent of LPFM (Low powered FM radio), Geoff was 
able to live his dream. So from his home base in Dunedin, Geoff 
broadcasts Country Radio Dunedin 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Geoff is so lucky to have married the wonderful Monica. He 
says she is so nice :)

Country Radio 87.7 Dunedin countryradio AT gmail DOT com

Dunedin phone is (022) 609-4321 

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